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Cheyenne Sargent
Cheyenne Sargent, former Wireless specialist

Probably cocaine although everybody has there own personal preference. Personally sober sex is the best if you find a good partner. No matter what I just focus on the moment and loose myself on purpose. Sex is free and it's somthing people should take advantage of . Why be in a relationship with somebody you can't or don't have good sex with ? I just have a hard time understanding why when it's a beautiful thing to share with someone.

I've heard methamphetamine is supposed to be good to if you can pay attention long enough.

Weed is good, personal preference.

Opiates are good to , and guess benzos are good to so I've heard. I think though that for men it's a little hard to ummm….. get ready.

All drugs are probably good in there own way but bad in others. As I said sober is probably the best. Smoke a little weed , drink a six pack and get it on!